Photographed by Cai Ramalho

Ready for the summer!

Lace-up flats, thin-heeled or thick-soled sandals and flip-flops that range from soft tones to the most vibrant colors ignite the looks of the most anticipated season of the year
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Get ready to take a dive into style. The arrival of summer announces new times along with the unmistakable energy of the season, in tune with vibrant and fun sandals and thick-soled flats, ideal to be paired with cropped tops, bodysuits, wide pants and flowing dresses. The perfect mood for a day with friends by the pool! For those who enjoy the comfort of lightweight sandals, we highlight the strappy flats, as well as other models that come in metallic or plastic materials. Heel fans, on the other hand, can choose from models of various heights, most of them in vibrant colors, in a palette that ranges from pastels to neons.